Other projects

In the Shadow of the Mountain

After the publication of my last novel, Shafted: A Mystery, I talked to the good folks at the Smithers Community Radio Station (CICK at 93.9 FM) about doing a show during which I read the story and played some tunes that seemed to fit. It was nerve-wracking to say the least because even while I was reading, I had to run the board, check sound levels, play the songs, and slide the sliders. I found myself having quite a bit of fun and managed to fit it all in over ten shows. (Novels contain an awful lot of words, in case you haven’t noticed. Plus reading out loud is a killer test for clunky sentences – but we won’t talk about that now.)

After that I went to Portugal2014-10-05 port glasses, but that’s another story.

Come 2015, I decided to re-start In the Shadow of the Mountain, this time featuring other writers. It’s been a blast.

Local and regional writers I’ve featured include Jane Stevenson, Valerie Laub, Grace Hols, Melissa Sawatsky, Susan Juby, Eden Robinson, John Harris, Vivien Lougheed, Emily McGiffen, Fabienne Calvert Filteau, Donna Kane, Jennifer  Skin Wickham, Janet Rogers from Victoria and Kevin Spenst from the Lower Mainland. Link to the show to listen to the podcasts.

Muskwa-Kechika Fire Poems

In 2007, Sheila joined Donna Kane, Wayne Sawchuck and others at the Muskwa-Kechika Artist’s Camp – a week-long residency in a fly-in camp near the Gataga River. Out of that experience Sheila created a slide show containing images from the camp and her attempts to “create the story of a small forest community damaged by a wildfire.”

To view this, click on the image below.

Muskwa Kechika Fire Poems


Pine Cycle

Another project that emerged from the Muskwa-Kechika Artist Camp was a collaboration with Victoria composer Diane Berry – Sheila wrote the libretto for a cycle of songs Diane wrote. After workshopping the pieces, a debut performance took place Feb. 4, 2012 at the Oak Bay United Church in Victoria.

The debut performance of Pine Cycle in Victoria


The Walking Poems


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